Best Gadgets for Your Garage

Would you like to bring some improvements to your garage, but you have no idea what to do? If so, then this article will certainly be very helpful for you, as we have made a short list with some of the best gadgets for your garage, that are highly recommended.

MyQ Garage

This clever device will allow you to monitor, open, and close as well your garage door, no matter where you are, just by using your smartphone. MyQ Garage works with the Wifi system from your home, and it actually sends you alerts each time the door opens and closes.

Chamberlain CLULP1 garage parking assist

Do you have problems when it comes to parking your car in the garage? Is the space quite small, and you always find quite hard to park your car? If so, then you will not have this sort of problems anymore with Chamberlain CLULP1 garage parking assist. Your parking will be safe due to this clever unit, which works with any garage door opener system. The lights will turn red when the unit will detect that you are in the right spot for parking your car, which is absolutely amazing.

Direct Drive 1042V001

This wonderful garage door opener is without a doubt a must-have device that you need to own in order to secure very well your garage. The unit doesn’t actually use a chain drive or a belt drive. Due to the mobile motor which crawls along the stationary chain, the unit is extremely quite. This, obviously, is a wonderful advantage, as you will not disturb your family nor your neighbours, no matter how many times you will open or close your garage door. The installation is very easy, and the reliability is excellent. Direct Drive 1042V001 is one of those amazing gadgets that you need to own, in order to secure extremely well your garage.


If you are looking for the best gadgets for your garage, then you should add MiDoor to your list. This clever device allows you to remotely check on the garage door, and see if it is opened or closed. You can easily connect MiDoor to your WiFi network so that you can control it via your smartphone. For security reasons, you can track and match times, because all the information will be stored in the memory of this clever device.