Devices that Help You Control Indoor Humidity

The humidity means the total amount of vapor or moisture present in the air. Being able to control indoor humidity is very important because too much moisture or too much dryness can seriously affect our health. The humidity level in a room can be measured with an instrument called hygrometer and the proper humidity level ranges between 35 and 45 percent. Therefore, if the humidity level in your house is too high or too low, and you want to live in a healthy environment, here are the best devices that will help you control the humidity level from your house.


Specialists recommend using a humidifier if the indoor humidity level is below 35 percent. Dry air can make breathing uncomfortable for people who suffer from asthma and it can cause itchy eyes, dry skin or scratchy throat. Therefore, in order to maintain a proper humidity level, a humidifier is the best solution. Such a device will improve the comfort of the people who live in the house and it will also support a beautiful skin.


In case the humidity level exceeds 55%, that you surely need a dehumidifier to help you create a healthy indoor environment. A high level of humidity in the air is the main reason of mildew, dust mites and mold appearance, which can be very dangerous for your health because they cause allergies. Therefore, using a dehumidifier will help you reduce the allergy symptoms and will also eliminate odors that accompany the mold and mildew.

Air Conditioner

There are some air considerations that can regulate the indoor humidity. Therefore, besides the fact that an air conditioner will circulate and filter the air inside the house, will also free the air from excessive humidity. This happens when the moist air, which is present in your house comes in contact with the cold evaporator of the modern air conditioners. The result is that the liquid is condensed out of the air and makes the room less humid. So, if you want to reduce the humidity level in your home, you may also consider an air conditioner capable of controlling humidity.