Futuristic Small Kitchen Appliances

A modern home with a modern kitchen requires some innovative and futuristic appliances that amaze with their stunning designs and high-tech features. Luckily, nowadays technology can offer devices that you never thought would exist so you can enjoy the comfort and functionality of tech gadgets at home. Discover the most interesting futuristic small kitchen appliances that make daily kitchen routine a breeze.


This intelligent device is a kitchen gizmo that combines the utility of a smart scale with the efficiency of a fitness tracker that helps you lose weight. This sleek and slim gadget weighs your food and detects the nutritional value of the ingredients so you will always know how many calories you consume. Countertop also offers great recipes designed to help you eat better and keep your weight under control.

Electrolux Organic Cooker

This appliance is the future of cooking and offers all the comfort and functionality of the latest technologies incorporated into a stylish kitchen gadget. It combines infrared technology and vacuum cooking to achieve the most delicious and healthy dishes. Both technologies ensure the proper cooking of your food while sealing the flavor and nutrients inside every ingredient. Thanks to the oval peanut shape, you can use any pot shape in the Organic cooker as it offers plenty of cooking space.

Top Brewer

If your kitchen asks for a futuristic coffee maker, you can consider the Top Brewer that will add a touch of style to the décor. It looks like a sleek stainless steel faucet that is controlled via a smartphone app and can prepare delicious coffee specialties. It’s easy to use and offers you many coffee options that will satisfy all your tastes.

Whirlpool Max

Not even the microwave looks like it used to and this stylish model from Whirlpool is a great addition to a futuristic kitchen. It’s small, compact, with rounded edges for a more appealing look, and boasts a sleek LCD touchscreen under the large black glass door. The lights at the bottom are colored in four different colors for an added futuristic touch. Plus, the microwave oven uses the 6th sense technology to prepare the tastiest dishes with the touch of a button.