Must Have Gadgets and Gizmos for Your Car

Nowadays, technology has evolved just to make our life easier. When we are talking about the car industry and some manufacturers around the world, we notice the appearance of some interesting gadgets and gizmos which can be very useful for us. As such, in the following lines, you will find out about several gizmos and gadgets for your car.

Parrot Asteroid Mini

The Parrot Asteroid Mini is an elegant hands-free. This dashboard-mounted system is created to integrate with the car’s audio system and the voice activated calls with your mobile phone. This gadget is based on an Android system and lets you have access to all your audio sources and music. Moreover, it offers applications for driver assistance, including points of interest, web radio and navigation tools. Furthermore, you will have a hands-free wireless remote control which provides you with a safe drive time operation.

GoPro HD Hero3

The GoPro HD Hero3 is one of the most versatile cameras in the world. This gadget comes with a good looking design and high-performance camera features which include a release buckle and various adhesives mounts used for fixing the device to any part of your car, including the dashboard. Moreover,you can attach the camera even at the exterior, because it is waterproof and it resists on wet weather conditions.

Road Angel Gem

The Road Angel Gem is an amazing gadget for letting you know the speed limit where you are driving. Moreover, it keeps you safe and helps you avoid several problems. Most drivers choose to use this gizmo instead of using a radar detector because it has a very detailed and accurate database of speed limits. Furthermore, it offers you information about the accident black spots, speed camera locations, and road hazards. Nowadays, plenty of drivers are opting for this device due to its unique service called eAssist. This specialized service allows you to get in touch with an operator if you have any problem.

Devium Dash

The Devium Dash is an original gadget which was created to hold any smartphone. Actually, this dashboard platform mount allows you to use your phone’s apps, music and more other phones functions such as a radio for local travel. Anyway, you should know that you won’t have any problem with your phone’s battery because it is recharged while it is attached.