Smart Kitchen Gadgets that Every Cook Needs

We are living in an age where a pan can be connected to the internet and we can open the fridge by using the phone. In order to inspire you, we have gathered some smart kitchen gadgets that every cook needs.

Pantelligent Smart frying pan

The Pantelligent is a pan which helps you cook better food. Actually, you can control its temperature byusing some apps for iOS or Android. This device comes equipped with a set of instructions and provideyou with a real-time temperature feedback. Are you still thinking about how it works? You must know that the pan has a temperature sensor which connects the app with the temperature. This way, you can monitor it without any effort. Furthermore, the pan will also let you know when the food is done, so you won’t have to keep an eye on it all the time. Before you go shopping, you have to know that you can find on the market Pantelligent devices which are working with either electric or gas stoves. There also are various accessories which can control the heat automatically.

LivBlends smoothie maker

Besides the most popular devices such as knife sharpener, microwave or multifunctional cooker, that you can find in any kitchen, nowadays, you can become friend with plenty of other kitchen appliances which can make your life more enjoyable. Prepare yourself for a healthy life with an amazing smoothie. Everybody loves smoothies, but its cleanup is a big problem for each of us. LivBlends smoothie maker can bring more joy into your life, by offering you one of the most delicious smoothies. Nothing unusual until now? LivBlends is so smart that it doesn’t require any cleanup. A lot of people opt for this kitchen appliance because it is a self-cleaning gadget.


If you are not a smoothie enthusiast, maybe you prefer juices. Then, you will be in love with this kitchen appliance which is able to provide you with organic, cold-pressed juices at home. Moreover, it does all these things without all the chopping or cleanup. The secret of Juicero is that it uses just packs of organic produce, without water or additives. Most Juicero owners are satisfied with this unit, because they can use the Juicero’s app, and they can schedule a weekly delivery with some of the most delicious juices. When you are using the Juicero, all you have to do is to hang your pack flavors in its press, close the door and press the button. In a few minutes, you will have a glass of delicious organic juice.