SmartGrill by Lynx – The Grill of the Future

Gas grills are the best option for outdoor cooking and they very popular among those who have an outdoor kitchen at home. This being said, technology had to reach their field as well and gas grills had to become more and more innovative to quench the thirst of tech savvy. SmartGrill designed by the popular manufacturer Lynx is a high-tech gas grill that combines the benefits of grill cooking with the functionality of the latest technologies into a stylish unit.

Sophistication in design

At first glance, this gas grill is not very different from others, with the same stainless steel housing, large handle, and round knobs. At a closer look, you will discover the engineered technology behind its construction. The edges have been mirror-polished to make the grill look more elegant and the continuous welded construction makes the design more interesting. The front hood features the Heat Treated Spring System that absorbs 90% of the hood’s weight so you can lift it with only one finger.
For added sophistication, the SmartGrill comes with elegant blue LEDs on the control knobs and interior halogen lighting so you can grill in the dark.

Innovation in operating

Nevertheless, this gas grill is the grill of the future and we say this based on the amazing features it is packed with. Thanks to the MyChef operating system, the gas grill can learn your grilling preferences with a patented learning algorithm that lets you dial in your personal way to grill. The system monitors the cooking times and temperatures required to deliver the perfect meals.
You can easily control the grill with a smartphone or tablet that downloads the app and connects to the grill. One feature worth mentioning is the voice command of the app that notifies you when it’s time to flip the meat or remove it from the grill.

There are 5 different grilling modes available so you can customize the grilling temperature and time depending on the type of meat or vegetables you are grilling. The modes are called Timed, Manual, Recipe, Party Mode, and Meal. The app offers a database with 300 recipes so you can experiment all you want and discover new combinations and flavors.
SmartGrill is built with ProSear2 variable infrared burners with electromechanical valves that enable to accurate control over the temperature. Thanks to the quality stainless steel grates, you will obtain beautiful sear marks just like professional chefs. The grill comes with ingenious safety features that prevent accidents such as an insulated front panel that stays cool to touch, temperature sensors, remote shut off using the app, and an automatic timer that turns the grill off if it hasn’t been used for 30 minutes.