These Gadgets Will Help You Sleep Better at Night

A restful night’s sleep is no longer something hard to achieve thanks to the latest technologies that can help you fall asleep at night and wake up feeling rested in the morning. You can forget about counting sheep with these awesome gadgets that will help you sleep better at night so, if you suffer from insomnia or another sleep disorder, make sure you have them at hand.

The sound machine

Your sleep problems could be caused by the disturbing sounds around you like a snoring partner, a loud neighbor or high traffic. This can be easily solved with a sound machine that plays white noise that covers the surrounding noises so you can fall asleep faster and sleep well throughout the night. With the Adaptive Sound Technologies – Sound+Sleep device, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights due to the white noise feature and the 10 soothing sounds that mimic relaxing nature sounds. This sound machine adjusts the volume of the sound according to the noise level in your sleeping environment so you will hear the sounds at the right level.

The sound headphones

The latest technologies have lead to the development of sound headphones that work similarly to the sound machine only in a smaller and portable version. Hush are headphones that you can use at nights when you can’t fall asleep and due to their flat shape, you can fit them in your ears and sleep on one side without the slightest discomfort. The headphones connect to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection so you can use the dedicated app to hear to soothing sounds like white noise or pink noise. Plus, you have other 15 sounds to choose from so you can enjoy a cozy sleeping experience

The smart mattress cover

Perhaps you never thought it would be possible, but nowadays, you can even make your bed smart with the help of a smart bed cover. Eight is an innovative sleep gadget that fits over your regular mattress and instantly transforms your bed into a high-tech device. The cover can monitor your sleep by tracking your breathing rate and heart rate, it detects your sleep cycles and features an alarm that wakes you up at your highest energy levels. Plus, it allows you to create two different temperature zones to meet the needs of both you and your partner, and it can be controlled with your smartphone so you can prepare your bed long before arriving home. The Eight smart mattress cover can even be connected to a home automation system.