Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers

Recently, Bluetooth speakers have gained more popularity and for good reasons. These ingenious devices let you access the music from your smartphone, tablet or any other device via Bluetooth, which is a wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other. The best thing about them is that they are very easy to use and they come in various shapes and sizes, giving you the possibility to choose whatever you like. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, here are our top 5 best devices.

UE Boom 2

The UE Boom 2 is one of the best Bluetooth speaker available on the market. The model is compact and durable and this updated version makes it sound better than the original. Moreover, it’s fully waterproof, stain-resistant and shock resistant and the battery life can last up to 15 hours. Also, the speaker is available in six colors and it can be purchased at the price of $199.99.

JBL Pulse 2

This remarkable wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with an integrated light show which differentiates it from the other models. Therefore, you can choose from among 12 light show options, such as fireworks or rain if you want to enjoy your music surrounded by attractive lights. Moreover, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for up to 10 hours if the light show isn’t activated. The JBL Pulse 2 can be yours if you’re willing to pay $199.95, and you can be sure that it’s one of the best choices.

UE Megaboom

This model is a little bit larger that the other ones, meaning that it can be purchased for a higher price, namely $299.99. Nevertheless, for all those who want a speaker with an impressive battery life and excellent sound, then this is the perfect model. Besides the fact that it can stream audio even if your devices is 100 feet away, it’s easily transportable and durable.

Bose SoundLink Mini II

The Bose SoundLink Mini II has a sleek and attractive design with an unibody aluminum enclosure. The speaker is available in two colors, Pearl and Carbon and it comes with a charging cradle. The price of this particular speaker is $199.00 and is one of the best you can find on the market. The battery will allow you to listen to music for up to 10 hours and the speaker has a built-in microphone for speakerphone capabilities.

Sony SRS-X3

This model is a great alternative for those who want to have a good Bluetooth speaker at a reasonable price, namely $148.00. Its interesting design and big sound make this speaker compete with the more expensive models because it has almost the same features as all the above Bluetooth speakers. Also, the Sony SRS-X3 has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 7 hours and besides the fact that it has built-in speakerphone capabilities, it also has included the NFC tap-to-pair technology available for the smartphones that support it.